Measurements/Cookie Pricing

$1.00 an inch size + decorative detail work costs+ packaging (labeling) costs = total price

About My Decorated Sugar Cookies

  • I drive to pick up or order online high quality ingredients and supplies
  • I mix the batter & roll it out
  • I wash supplies, and clean up my work area for next task
  • I cut out & bake the cookies
  • I clean the work area for the next task
  • I make the royal icing
  • I prepare decorative tools
  • I decorate the cookies (this can take 1-3 days, of 8-10 hour shifts)
  • I package & label the cookies for pick up (usually on the 3rd or 4th day)

If you can appreciate the planning, the time, the skill it takes in creating these homemade, locally made, cookies and are willing to pay the extra for it my cookies are a good fit! They are great for gift giving, tea parties, weddings, special events, tokens of appreciation and so much more!

ready to order?

Made, baked & decorated at my home in La Grange, Ky.

Cookie Toppings


Most often cookies are decorated with royal icing. However, for other effects or details or perhaps just by request? Cookies can be decorated with buttercream icing, fondant, sprinkles and much more! Your thoughts and requests are welcome to get custom results!

Questions about ordering, pricing, etc..,?


No problem! You have several options to reach me: call, message, text and email!  Click here for more details!

Plan ahead!


Order well in advance please! My schedule can fill up quickly and cookie cutters can take a week to arrive if they need to be ordered to complete  your request. 

Note: Deposit is required and is non-refundable. I accept cash and payments through messenger, Venmo and Paypal.