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My Custom Cupcakes

Cupcakes are perfect for many occasions from very formal gatherings, such as weddings, to family picnics! They are less hassle and so easy to serve! No silverware and plate needed! In addition, the possibilities for decorating them are practically endless to fit all the varying occasions, themes, etc..,  where they will be enjoyed with delight!

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Cupcakes - how it all began!

My baking career began quite by accident when I was unexpectedly asked to help out the baker while working in a retail store. Initially, I was helping to fill the counter with cupcakes. Also quite unexpectedly, a short time later?  I found that starting a home baking and decorating business would be my full time mission. In the beginning at home? I made many, many and more flower cupcakes!

A click on the photo will take you directly to one of the videos posted on youtube containing many pics of my flower cupcake creations.

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Flower Cupcakes - Many pics of flower cupcakes made over the last two years.

Cupcakes (by the dozen) - Many pics of cupcakes in groups.

Cupcakes (single) - Many pics of various, single cupcakes.


Made, baked & decorated at my home in La Grange, Ky.

Testimonial by D.S.


"They are so cool!"

Testiminonial by S.M.


"That's art!"

Testimonial by T.N.