Frequently Asked Questions


What payment is accepted?

Cash. Venmo. Paypal (include extra 5% to cover their charges). Square. 

Why do I need to pay a deposit?

The deposit goes towards purchase of supplies for your order. No purchases are made for your order without your deposit. I've learned the hard way not to make any purchases unless I have received a deposit.  I've made purchases too many times for orders to hear, "I changed my mind." and "I forgot."

Why do I need to order in advance?

To allow time for supplies to be ordered, shipped and arrive.... to be sure you get on my schedule before I am otherwise covered up.... to be sure you are allowing me enough time to complete your order. 

Do you have gluten free products?


Do you sell any sugar free products?


How do I pay?

On line or in person.


Are your products nut free?

No. Almond extract is commonly used. In addition, ingredients are made in facilities that also process nuts.

Do you have anything available for immediate sell?

Yes. Check the Facebook link for items already made up and available... such as cakes or single cookies.... or contact me.

Can I order one or two cookies?

Excluding cookies already made up for quick sell individually packaged? Orders for cookies should be by the dozen... many home bakers require a two dozen minimum.

Where do I pick up my order?

Most orders are picked up at my home bakery location on Friday at an agreed upon time.  About once a week or so while shopping in Jefferson County I sometimes meet there to exchange orders for payment. I do NOT do morning appointments.

How are items packaged?

Generally cakes and cupcakes are boxed. Cookies are prepared for the occasion, plan or event - on a platter or bagged individually.

Refund policy?

Any adjustments on the sale, IF ANY, are made when order is picked up. NO REFUNDS. Creations can be mishandled, left in hot vehicles, set down off balance in car seats, miscommunications of who was bringing what to the party, tilted, dropped, jerked too quickly, roughly handled, etc.., and on and on...  Sales are final. I do NOT give refunds.


Deposit. Refund policy.

Non-refundable. I've already made purchases and put time into planning.

What links are updated more often?

The Bakery Fairy Facebook Page and The Bakery Fairy Instagram for most recent creation postings.

More questions??

I can be reached by email, text, leave message on my phone, make a post, send me a private message......

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