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I have 4 dozen cupcakes ready for pick up. They are to be sold as they are pictured. I will not split them up, sell them as half dozens, or mix them up.  The cakes and the icing were made April 8th or April 9th. They are packaged in top-of-the-line white, window boxes. They are chocolate or yellow cake, depending on which dozen you purchase. The eggs on one set are Hershey's milk chocolate eggs. These cupcakes are made with quality and not quantity in mind. I do not rush through them when creating them. I will not take bargain, supermarket prices for them. A lot of time goes into their creation... from baking, mixing, creating their color scheme, piping each petal and bud, leaf, grass stem, etc.., I will accept a reasonable offer with all of my time in and costs considered. Thank you.

The 4 sets are: 

  • Inspired by Nature - white with purple/violet flower 
  • Pink Tulips - with purple flower accent
  • Hershey's Milk Chocolate Egg set
  • Pastel Roses - perfect for weddings, spring, Mother's Day, Derby.... 


Cookies for Easter & Spring are ready! While they last! More are in the works! Homemade! Hand decorated! Unique! Edible works of art!  They can be purchased individually. (excluding custom orders) Packaging is optional and is extra charge or BYOB. Contact me with any questions. 

Are my products for you?

My baked good products are not a quick grab, down aisle 2. They are also not discount, low price bakery goods. If those are your priorities my products are not for you. I do understand.

Quality not Quantity. Artistic! Local! Small Business!

I make baked good products in my home with an artistic touch. I am a small, local, business owner. I spend more individual time on my homemade creations. 

Thank you for stopping by!

Mother's Day & Derby are around the corner! Check back! Please!

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